• TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Socks (Pair)

  • MAKE CHANGES IN DIRECTIONS FASTER - non slip socks with INEXtech pads, that appear on both the inside and outside of the sock, secures your foot in TRUSOX and TRUSOX soccer socks are stable in your cleat. You can change direction quicker and more explosively, maximizing the power transfer with NO MOVEMENT IN YOUR CLEAT HEEL WILL STAY IN CLEAT - INEXtech non slip pads secure your heel in place and it will not slip out of your cleats during the game or training session PREVENT BLISTERS - your feet with grip socks will no longer slide around in your cleats and will reduce the possibility of getting blisters playing soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, cricket, baseball or basketball SUPER COMFORTABLE soccer sock with targeted cushioning for added shock absorption for men, women. Moisture-wicking yarns help to keep your feet cool and dry Materials: 60 Nylon, 39 Cotton, 1 Spandex. We re...read more
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