• Therapy Dog Patch with Hook Back and Reflective Lettering for Therapy Dog Vests - Set of Two Patches to ID your Therapy Dog or In Training Dog for Vest, Harness or Collar by Industrial Puppy

  • Let Everyone Know Your Service Dog is On Duty

    Our Service Dog Patches with Hook Backs allow you to change the identification of your service dog vest or harness in just a few minutes featuring large, reflective lettering that are recognizable even from a distance. Whether you have more than one service dog or your service dog has multiple jobs, the patches help to indicate its function or status in any time and in any location. You can easily convert a service dog vest to an emotional support animal vest, or a service dog in training vest to a therapy dog vest when your dog completes training and becomes fully functional.

    Service animal vests ensure that the public sees your companion as a working dog and not just a family pet. It is essential that the vest reflect the functionality or the current status of a service dog wearing it by using the appropriate serv...read more
  • Manufacturer: Industrial Puppy
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