• Backpack Laundry Bag, Royal Blue - 22" X 28" - Two shoulder straps for easy backpack carrying and drawstring closure. These nylon laundry bags come in a variety of attractive colors and patterns.

  • Packing laundry bags is almost like an art form. You want to stuff as much as you can into one bag, while still being able to carry it. But not every laundry bag can handle a massive load, and lugging it where you need it can be difficult. Fortunately, this one can handle up to 40 pounds. That's made easy with the double shoulder straps so you can carry it like a backpack and distribute the weight evenly. The sturdy backpack laundry bag is made of tough, yet lightweight 100 percent breathable nylon that was designed to help you carry many massive loads down hallways and upstairs. A locking drawstring closure ensures that items won't slip out. The machine-washable bag comes in 17 different patterns and colors: black, purple, green, light blue, orange, pink, red, royal blue, white, yellow, burgundy, hunter green, navy blue, camouflage, denim, leopard, and zebra. And like most things that a...read more
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