• Amazing Formulas Alpha Lipoic Acid * 300mg 120 Capsules Per Bottle * Pure ALA Capsules - Ideal Formulas Supplement for healthy weight management, Athletic Performance & More

  • Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant produced naturally by the human body. The nutrient is called by a number of names, including r alpha lipoic acid, alpha lipoic ALA, r ALA alpha lipoic acid and ALA. The human body relies on alpha lipoic acid ALA for many important tasks, such as: - Protecting The Organs And Body Tissues From Free Radicals* - Assisting With Heart Health* - Promoting The Metabolism Of Body Fat* - Supporting Nervous System Function*- Producing Energy To Power The Body* - Supports Body Glucose Tolerance Factor * Although the body produces alpha r lipoic acid on its own, some people may require more alpha lipoic acid. Formulas studies have shown that increasing one's intake of alpha lipoic acid may provide certain health benefits, including: - Assistance With Healthy Weight Management* - Improved Athletic Performance * - Support Cardiovascular Health* If your doctor has r...read more
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