• Ceramic Knife Set (Gift Box), Ankway 5 Pieces Kitchen Knives with Covers Durable Rust Proof Lightweight Ceramic Knife Set with Sheaths (4 Knife Blades, 4 Sheaths and 1 Fruit Peeler) by Ankway Life

  • Ankway Ceramic Knife Set, Multifunctional & Safe Experience

    Color: Black
    Material: Ceramic
    1 X 6"" Chef Knife with Sheath
    1 X 5"" Utility Knife with Sheath
    1 X 4"" Fruit Knife with Sheath
    1 X 3"" Paring Knife with Sheath
    1 X Peeler


    Ceramic knives should be used on silicone,wooden, plastic or bamboo cutting boards only. Using these knives on glass, marble, or tile can cause the blades to chip or break. The knives are ideal for cutting fruit, vegetables and boneless meats. Do no use these knives for carving, boning or prying.
  • Manufacturer: Ankway
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