• Cool AK47 / M9/ M16 / Uzi Rifle Shape Pendant & Necklace Rock Army Style Cool Men Jewelry

  • U7 Jewelry
    U7 Jewelry is fashion jewelry and watch seller in Amazon.
    U7 Jewelry is made with German imported polishing and electroplating equipment.
    "U7" means love you seven days for a week.

    Main Method:Gold-plated Copper,platinum-plated
    Gold plated copper is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of copper.
    We produce and process various type of jewelry to meet different customer's need,such as bracelets & bangles,earrings, rings and jewelry set.
    Pendant necklace made of 18k gold,platinum plated,alloy,stainless steel gold and pearl,various pendant for example pearl pendant,diamond, floral,animal,cross,letters.
    Gorgeous and shiny,diamond sparkling.Hoop earring,stud earrings,tear drop earring,round,oval,dangle.whatever back finding you want,clip on,scr...read more
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