• Makeup Tattoo Pigment PCD Tattoo Ink 15ml Beige Microblading Pigment Square Bottles Pigment Professional Permanent Makeup Ink Supply For Eyebrow Lip Make up

  • Features:
    1. Eyebrow or lips microblading permanent makeup pigment
    2. Tattoo pigment is your professional permanent makeup material.
    3. 100% essence of pure plant extracts and 100% organic, environmental-friendly.
    4. Safety, non-toxin, and stability.
    5. Ensuring the inks that you receive are the safest inks you can get.
    6. The tattoo pigment colors more quickly and the colors keep more durable.
    7. Your skin will have three-dimensional effect if you put into a little concentrated liquid.
    8. We have 18 colors tattoo inks for you to choose.
    9. The vibrant color ensure both customer and artists satisfactory.

    The following ingredients without in this permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo:
    Heavy metals 0%
    Lead 0%
    cadmium 0%
    Nickel 0%
    Mercury 0%
    Cobalt 0%
    Tartrazine 0%

    The following ingred...read more
  • Manufacturer: BIOMASER
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