• Cast Acrylic Sheet - 24" x 24" - Clear - 3mm Thick - Used in Art Installations, Models, Display & Signage, Windows, Aquariums, Trophies, Picture Frames, Furniture - Transparent & Easy to Fabricate

  • Cast acrylic is highly transparent, durable, easy to machine/fabricate, stronger alternative to glass and weather resistant. It offers great light stability, excellent optical clarity and is lightweight, recyclable and resistant to UV damage Perfect for Art Installations, Aircraft Canopies, Model and Display, Point of Sale/Purchase, Store Displays & Signs, Windows, Replacement Glass, Aquariums Can also used for Automotive Taillights, Buttons, Awards & Trophies, Financial Tombstones, Corporate Gifts, Deal Toy, Glazing, Barriers Good glass alternate for Outdoor Signs, Lighting Applications, Architecture Work, Picture Frames, Furniture, Shelving, Shields, Weight: 2.8 Pounds Length: 24 Inches, Width: 24 Inches, Height: 0.12 Inches
  • Manufacturer: Spectra
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