• iworldsafetech Pepper Spray Zenith - Compact Size for Women Finger Grip 30 Bursts 14-Foot (4M) More Range Best Self Defense & Personal Protection Pink Runners Protect Yourself!(Maximum Strength)

  • Pepper Spray Zenith for Protecting Yourself !

    The Secret Of Protecting Yourself

    - Our product sprays a constant stream from any angle!

    - The effect of the product is immediate!

    - This product can be always carried!

    - Compact design

    - You can conveniently keep the zenith pepper spray ready!

    Introducing Your Very Own Zenith Pepper Spray to the Rescue!

    - Product Name : Zenith

    - The number of Spray : 30times

    - Spray Method : Nozzle Pump Spray

    - Size : Thickness 1.75cm, Length 10.25cm

    - Spray Distance : More than 2.5m ~ 3.5m more

    - Material : Aluminum


    - Remove the nozzle cap and spray toward the face of criminal by pushing it few times.

    - After use, please wipe the liquid around nozzle and close it by the cap for keeping.

    - The nozzl...read more

  • Manufacturer: iworldsafetech
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