• TORCHSTAR 4.5W LED T30 (T10) Tubular Antique Bulb, Dimmable 40W Eqv, 120V Long Filament Light Bulb, UL Listed 2700K Soft White Decorative Lamp Bulb, 360° Beam Angle, Pack of 3

  • Nostalgia Era

    The T30 tubular filament light bulb adapts the elegant and unique straight pipe shape; clear glass cover allows excellent light
    transmittance while preserving the original design of the traditional incandescent. Design with extended LED filament, this T30 bulb
    provides a 360° omnidirectional even and well-balanced lighting output combine with 2700K soft white, it will fill your living space with warm,
    inviting and relaxing golden light.

    Smooth Dimming

    This LED bulb is dimmable from 100-10%, compatible with most LED dimmers. Please check your dimmer model incompatible dimmer list if you're using traditional NON-LED dimmers.
    Compatible dimmers:
    LUTRON:SELV-300P, DVELV-300P, GTJ-150, DVCL-153P, DVLV-600, DVCL-153PL, TGCL153, TG-600PHLH, AYCL-153P,
    MACL-153, GL-600H, DV-600P, TTCL-100H, DV-603PG, LGCL-...read more

  • Manufacturer: TORCHSTAR
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