• Styrofoam Head Mannequins - Style, Model & Display Women's Wigs, Hats & Hairpieces - by Adolfo Designs

    Adolfo Designs styrofoam wig heads are expertly shaped to best fit any style wig or headpiece. Their classic oval dome shaped head with a large forehead fit wigs with large head sizes and bangs. Available in eight sizes of varying heights, these Adolfo Designs wig stands allow you to choose the best for the length of your wig or height of your display. Choose from:

    • 10.5"
    • 11"
    • 12"
    • 13"
    • 15"
    • 17"
    • 19"
    • 22"

    Choose the size that is most comfortable for you to work with. Curl, comb, or color it to your heart's content! Wash and shampoo it and then place it on this foam wig head to dry! Brush, comb, or dangle your curling iron on it within your arm's reach and comfort level! Curl, crimp, highlight, ombre, or balayage galore! Adolfo Designs styrofoam heads are strong and durable, feel free to stick in p...read more

  • Manufacturer: Adolfo Designs
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