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  • Chill Pill is an innovative formulation that skillfully blends ancient tradition with modern science to bring relief from the stresses of everyday life. Chill Pill utilizes a carefully crafted formula of natural, adaptogenic botanical ingredients which have been clinically shown to relieve symptoms associated with physiological, emotional, and environmental stress, provide relief for anxiety, supply potent antioxidant protection, and have been shown in pre-clinical studies to prevent the shortening of telomeres, thus potentially lengthening life. An estimated 75-90% of visits to primary care physicians are related to stress. Chronic exposure to physical and psychological stress can lead to chronic engagement of the “fight or flight†mechanism. The complex neuroendocrine system known as the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis plays a crucial role in the bodyâ€s response...read more
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