• Fire Missiles Button Car Cigarette Lighter by Citadel Black - Anodized Aluminum, 12-Volt Replacement Accessory, Fits Most Vehicles, Socket Size A

  • Tired of getting cut off on the street? Tired of the people who simply swing into your lane without signaling? Tired of the slowpokes in the fast lane? Now is the time to finally express your rage! Get the Fire Missiles button to shoot down your enemies on the road! (but not really, cause you don't have any missiles installed in your vehicle) Please check your car make and model to make sure it can support a cigarette lighter. Fire Missiles Button will work as a cigarette lighter if you have a socket size A that looks like this: HTTP://imgur.com/a/g10t6 Will not function on most European cars
  • Manufacturer: Citadel Black
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