• Bento Box Lunch Container with Dividers - Removable compartments, Airtight, Leak-Proof, Fridge, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe (78 oz)

  • HotVCold 3-in-1 Configurable Bento Lunch Box (39 oz) Portion Control Plates Won't Crack, Warp, Shatter, Chip or Degrade Like Flimsier Containers

    If you're picky about the meal prep container you use to pack your lunch every day (and let's be honest, you should be!) then you'll love how we've created what our customers say is, "The Best Bento Lunch Box with Handle on the Market".

    It's HANDY, with a Handle, One-Hand Snaps & 3 Removable, Configurable Containers

    It's VERSATILE, allowing you to keep 3 different foods in the portion control containers.

    It's ULTRA-STURDY, refusing to Crack, Warp, Bend, Shatter, Chip or Degrade Like Flimsy Grocery Store Containers-even if you drop it!

    It's LEAKPROOF, DROP PROOF, and HIGH-ENERGY KID PROOF: Tough as nails, it won't spill into your bag, break in your kids backpack, or damag...read more

  • Manufacturer: Brilidea
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