• JAJAFOOK 8mm Men's Women Stainless Steel Ring Jewish Star of David Ring Size: 6-13

  • Stainless steel is best known as the material used to make surgical instruments, building and bridge supports, hot water heaters, microwave oven liners and other objects where strength and safety are a must. Yet, this industrial material can also complement a delicate jewelry design, and stainless steel jewelry has increasingly grown as a popular choice for jewelry.
    316l stainless steel rings, resistance to abrasion, not rust, do not change color, not deformation, never fade.Through time, stainless steel rings stud will keep its look, color and shine, longer than other jewelry, which is a pleasant gift.
    About how to maintain stainless steel jewellery in our daily life, the most important thing is to prevent scratching by sharp objects, destruction of its surface smoothness. When cleaning, you had better use a soft cloth to wipe.
  • Manufacturer: JAJAFOOK
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