• Flashlight With Power Bank LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Plus Micro USB Cable Ideal Tactical Portable Flashlights High Lumens

  • The NEW Rechargeable Solar Flashlight With Power Bank from MaxiBright is the most complete, all-in-on flashlight solution. You can light up your entire surroundings while charging your devices anywhere, anytime. What is not to love?

    Super bright and packed with valuable features like micro USB cable that plugs into the Power Bank, solar LED lights in three modes, super-strong wide and narrow beam torch, magnetic base to attach to walls or the roof, carabiner with lanyard to hang anywhere and a heavy-duty aluminium case for durability and sturdiness

    To charge:

    1. Unscrew the magnetic end cap

    2. Insert the micro USB cord into the Flashlight Power Bank

    3. Insert the USB end of the cord into any compute...read more

  • Manufacturer: MaxiBright
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