• RAMPOW Aluminium Cell Phone Stand, (Silver) Charging Accessory Compatible Dock, Holder (Headphone Jack Supported) iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and Android Smartphones

  • Curved & extended hollow hook>- the unique hollow hook design makes it easier to mount your phone when you have either the charging cable or headphone cable connected. You can charge your device or insert the earphone jack without removing it from the stand. Just enjoy music or charging your device comfortably on the holder.

    - The extended curved hooks keep the phone stable while sending messages.

    all-around rubber protection> - enlarged anti-scratch rubber pads provide your device with proper protection, even when your phone case is removed. Rubber pads between the device and the stand protect your devices from scratches.

    - with an anti-slip and enlarged rubber pads under the Stand, it is held in place securely and keep your desk or nightstand or any flat surface free from scuffs.

    wide compatibility>- all smartphones: iPhone/ Samsung Galaxy/ LG/ Google Nexus...read more
  • Manufacturer: RAMPOW
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