• The Mop Mobs Silver Microfiber Antibacterial Cloth Wipes Out Germs & Allergens To Protect Your Familys Health Without Harsh Chemicals! 4 Pack. Super Soft Cleaning Towels That Wont Scratch or Streak

  • Get the edgeless microfiber towel that's on the cutting edge of cleaning cloth technology!

    Anyone that cleans knows that streaks, lint & towel odor are intolerable! By picking up an antibacterial microfiber cloth by The Mop Mob, you know you'll wipe out germs, leaving behind no artifacts of uncleanliness!

    If the silver antibacterial microfiber is self-cleaning, does that mean I shouldn't machine wash it?

    Great question! The antimicrobial agent embedded in these microfiber cloths will help it kill germs trapped inside during use, but even the best microfiber cloth needs a wash or two in its lifetime after tough messes. Throw these towels in the washing machine with other lint-free items and skip the fabric softener to maintain optimum absorbency for your plush microfiber cloth.

    Are these hypoallergenic cleaning cloths only for dusting and dry uses?

    No way! ...read more

  • Manufacturer: The Mop Mob
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