• Egg Cooker, Aicok 7 Egg Capacity Egg Boiler, Soft Hard Boiled Egg Maker Included Steamer Poacher Removable Tray Rapid Egg Steamer Auto Shut Off Feature

  • Boil up to seven eggs at a time:
    The egg boiler holds up to an impressive 7 standard-sized eggs which is ideal for cooking large breakfasts or meals for all the family and takes about 10 minutes. Enjoy everything from hard-boiled, deviled eggs on a salad to soft-boiled eggs with toast or poached eggs for Eggs Benedict.
    Egg piercer and measuring cup:
    An egg piercer (to prevent eggs from cracking) and a measuring cup are included. Choose your level of doneness: soft, medium or hard by filling the provided measuring cup with water to the corresponding mark.
    Healthy and high protein dishes:
    Perfect for busy families or anyone who appreciates healthy, high-protein breakfasts and snacks.

    How to steamed eggs
    1. Add the apporopriate amount of water into the heating plate by using the measuring cup.
    2. Place egg vertically and make several ...read more
  • Manufacturer: AICOK
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