• Charged 7" Blue Kyanite Crystal Stretchy Bracelet Tumble Polished Align Chakras/Conquer Fear/Increase Communication Reiki by ZENERGY GEMS

  • You will receive one 7 inch Blue Kyanite Bracelet & Selenite Charging Crystal from the EXACT lot shown (see all the photos)!

    ***Lithotherapy (Stone Therapy) Value of Blue Kyanite: According to Energy Healers & Metaphysical Practitioners, Blue Kyanite is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high-frequency energies. This makes it an excellent attunement stone for meditation. It instantly aligns the chakras, cuts through fear, encourages speaking ones truth and allows for self-expression and communication.. It never holds negativity so never needs cleansing or clearing (although it does like it). If you choose to sleep with Blue Kyanite, the process of lucid dreaming will be greatly stimulated.

    Some people have reported incredible results using this stone as a dreaming stone, healing stone, and help for when they've needed intense energizing. It is also incredibly calmi...read more

  • Manufacturer: Zenergy Gems
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