• The Drunken Gnome Tillandsia Air Plant Food and Fertilizer for Enhanced Growth, Color and Blooms (8 oz Plus Mister)

  • Tillandsia, commonly known as Air Plants, are an adaptive and hardy plant species which require no soil and absorb all of their water and nutrients through their leaves. Enthusiasts of all kinds love to attach air plants to all types of object such as driftwood, hanging in an air plant holder, or placed in a glass orb terrarium. Indoor grown Tillandsias generally need to be watered about 1-3 times a week by spraying the plant and kept in indirect sunlight. Not only are they a fun and easy to keep, air plants are also a great choice of air purifying plants. Whether they are kept in your home, garden, office, kitchen windowsill, terrarium, vivarium or enchanted fairy garden, these adorable little plants will naturally clean and filter the air around you while adding a little bit of nature to your indoor space. Each air plant pack from The Drunken Gnome includes a unique, one of a kind sele...read more
  • Manufacturer: The Drunken Gnome Air Plant Supply Co.
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