• CREAM FILLER for eyes and lips 55+ | Anti Aging | Fills deep wrinkles, Brightens dark circles, removes puffiness under eyes | Long Term Reduction in Wrinkles, Bags & Dark Circles 20 ml

  • With age, facial features lose clarity: - at the top of the face: areas of cheekbones descend, circles under eyes appear, nasolabial folds become deeper; - in the lower part of the face: -the volume is added in the form of sagging of the skin in the cheekbones and cheeks, the volume of the neck increases, a double chin appears. The contour of the face loses clarity. The Hyaluron lift line was created for women after 55 years to combat the main age-related skin changes and is designed to restore young features, clear contours and smooth wrinkles. The means of the Hyaluron Lift collection are based on powerful anti-aging components that affect the skin in 5 main areas that transform facial features: - Compensate for age-related loss of intercellular volume - Tightening and struggling with sagging skin - Restore the shape of the cheekbones, cheeks and chin - Instantly tighten the skin on th...read more
  • Manufacturer: Vitex
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