• #DoYourYoga Round Yoga Bolster »Krishna« with Organic buckwheat Husk / 26.8" x 8.66" - Ideal as Yoga Cushion/zafu/mat/Machine Washable & Skin-Friendly. 100% Cotton/Multiple Colours and Styles.

  • Yoga is one of the oldest philosophical teachings that deal with man in his totality. Literally translated, the Sanskrit word "yoga" means "connection, union, method, or technique" and stands as the embodiment of a multitude of physical and mental exercises. The combination of asanas (body postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and meditation (concentration & collection) is aimed at reducing stress, achieving inner calmness and bringing body, soul and spirit into harmony.

    The basic equipment of each yogi are:
    yoga mat, yoga block, yoga belt, yoga cushion and / or yoga bolster. Our #DoYourYoga yoga mats are available in different materials, sizes, thicknesses, designs and colors. They offer maximum comfort during sitting or lying asanas and help you to hold and maintain balance exercises.
    Yoga block and yoga belt serve as an extension of...read more

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