• Von Dutch Dad Distressed Baseball Cap Vintage Style Unreconstructed Cotton Adjustable,Celebrities Choice

  • Von Dutch Brand Story®

    on Dutch is more than a brand. Kenneth Howard AKA Von Dutch was a man, a legend and a piece of popular American culture known as the GODFATHER OF MODERN DAY PINSTRIPING & ORIGINATOR OF KUSTOM KULTURE

    Born in 1929 and the son of a well-known sign painter and gold-leaf man at a shop in South Los Angeles, Von Dutch had a leg up in fulfilling his destiny as the Godfather of Modern Day Pinstriping.

    The money code that Von Dutch lived by was simply stated in a quote from a 1965 article and reads "I make a point of staying right at the edge of poverty. I don't have a pair of pants without a hole in them, and the only pair of boots I have are on my feet. I don't mess around with unnecessary stuff, so I don't need much money. I believe it's meant to be that way. There's a 'struggle' you have to go through, and if you make a lot of money it doesn't m...read more

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