• BOGIWELL Little Girls' Lace Bolero Cardigan Shrug

  • Size Chart:
    US 2-3T,Tag 100---Length 10.22"---Bust 22.79"---Sleeve Length 11.79"---Shoulder Width 9.04"
    US 3-4T,Tag 110---Length 11.01"---Bust 23.58"---Sleeve Length 12.57"---Shoulder Width 9.43"
    US 4-5T,Tag 120---Length 11.79"---Bust 24.36"---Sleeve Length 13.36"---Shoulder Width 9.82"
    US 5-6T,Tag 130---Length 12.18"---Bust 25.15"---Sleeve Length 14.15"---Shoulder Width 10.22"
    US 6-7T,Tag 140---Length 12.57"---Bust 25.94"---Sleeve Length 14.54"---Shoulder Width 10.61"
    US 7-8T,Tag 150---Length 13.36"---Bust 26.72"---Sleeve Length 14.93"---Shoulder Width 11.01"
    US 8-9T,Tag 160---Length 13.75"---Bust 27.51"---Sleeve Length 15.33"---Shoulder Width 11.39"

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  • Manufacturer: BOGIWELL
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