• WELKOOM Swim Cap for Women, Silicone Resilient Waterproof Solid Swimming Cap, Anti-Slip Interior, Suitable for Long or Short Hair Adult, Female, Male, Comfortable Fit

  • This DS Swim Cap is specially designed to solve all the potential problems. It becomes more comfortable and durable. Engineered to provide protection from damaging chlorine and increase speed, the DS fun prints color Silicone Swim Cap is more than just a fashion statement. It offers a durable fit for long-lasting use. Ideal for children and adults, our Swim Cap locks hair in place and won't slip off in the water. Easier to get on and off, reduce drag and protect your hair.


    ★Anti-slip design on edge.
    ★No-snag, comfortable fit.
    ★Easier to get on and off.
    ★Reduces pressure around head.
    ★Bold colors are easy to see in the water.
    ★100% Silicone

    Washing Instructions:
    ★Rinse in clean cold water and wipe dry after use.
    ★Dry the cap naturally, don't leave in direct sunlight.
    ★A light sprink...read more
  • Manufacturer: WELKOOM
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