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  • Brief Overview About Babies Burping
    Your baby is going to burp, No Doubt. It is going to be loud and messy, and some days you may say "Oh-dear!" and sometimes it's going to feel like the bottle he ate will regurgitate on your shoulder. Don't worry burping is good as it allows the gases to out of his/her stomach which makes him/her more comfortable.

    Burp Rags Market
    The market is flooded with a variety of Burp cloths, and choosing the right one might be confusing and holds you back from purchasing the appropriate one. Shahim's Baby Burb Cloths are made to ease the selection process.

    Why Shahim's Baby Burp Cloths?
    1. Easy to Use: Fits easily to your shoulder.
    2. Generous Size: 19' X 8.7' Inches.
    3. Integrated Package: 5 multi pattern burp cloths.
    4. Eco-Friendly: Our burping rags...read more
  • Manufacturer: Shahim
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