• LOFTER Aerial Yoga Hammock, Sturdy Nylon Yoga Swing Wide Yoga Trapeze Kit for Antigravity Yoga, Stretching, Inversion, Indoor/Outdoor Exercises Aerial Trapeze, Helped with Flexibility, Back/Neck Pain

  • Used As A Sport Yoga Swing Are you loving your regular yoga practice but wishing that there was a way to get more out of your body? LOFTER Yoga Trapeze makes even the most difficult moves safe and easy enough for beginners to try, and you'll get incredible health benefits as well. Benefits of Using LOFTER Aerial Yoga Swing : correct alignment improve balance reduce tension strengthen the core reduce leg swelling enhance lymph drainage aid digestion and elimination relieve back pain or neck pain brighten mood and combat depression boost circulation and brighten skin tone gain in flexibility by lengthening ligaments, tendons and muscles nourish and oxygenate brain cells for increased focus, speed, and memory
  • Manufacturer: LOFTER
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