• Primal Baseball "Panther Baseball Batting Gloves

  • Primal Baseball's "Primal Panther" batting gloves are a high-quality limited-edition item as rare as the big cat that inspired its creation. The surprisingly soft Lycra Spandex backing provides comfort inning after inning. The premium backing perfectly complements a superior Pitted leather that gives you the grip of a super predator ready to dominate the field. Bring the comfort and power of the Ghost of the Forest straight to your hand today. These comfortable and expertly made gloves are ideal for the baseball player who is "so serious" about playing baseball competitively. Primal Baseball the back of hand design utilizes Pitted leather provide structure without sacrificing flexibility Flexible high-quality leather back of the hand with fused silicone adds structure while maintaining flexibility. Palm features quad-flex creasing that anticipates flexing of your palm for a perfect fit a...read more
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