• Agatha’s Amazing Peppermint House Cleaning Spray ● Eliminate Doggie and Pet Odors ● All Natural ● Great for Kitchen, Bath, Laundry & More!

  • Infuse your home with the natural goodness of peppermint oil and make housecleaning almost enjoyable. Agatha's Amazing Peppermint Cleaning Spray (yes, that's a mouthful but it truly is amazing stuff) is a secret recipe formulated in my farmhouse kitchen and finally after years of family and friends begging me to bottle it, available to help the rest of the overstressed people trying to keep their houses clean and fresh.

    This completely natural all-purpose cleaner speeds through dirt and grime leaving a fresh peppermint fragrance that invigorates and leaves your house smelling super clean and fresh. Use it in the kitchen to clean countertops, sinks, stovetops and to make your fridge smell like it's fit for food again.

    The bathroom sink, the tub and shower, the commode and the floor too will be gleaming and odors will disappear. Give your dog's bed a spritz to freshen or h...read more
  • Manufacturer: Agatha's Pet Wellness
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