• Black Grads Matter 2019 Kente Stole (BGM 2019)

  • This absolutely perfect Sankofa Edition by ADVANSYNC Kente Cloth Graduation Stole is a beauty to behold. The entire stole is crafted by hand; even the embroidery and lettering is stitched by hand. This Graduation Stole is the perfect accessory to wear on your graduation day.

    Cross into this new milestone of your journey embracing a tradition of royalty that is rich in history. The perfectly-sized Graduation Sash measures 4.5 inches wide by 72 inches long and is hand-woven by expert artisans in Ghana, West Africa. You'll look completely amazing in the rayon/cotton blend Kente Stole while taking pride in knowing that you're empowering people in an African nation to earn a living.

    Every graduate needs a great Graduation Gift, so order one for yourself and a friend. Don't take chances with your Kente. Be sure that you are wearing genuine Kente by buying from the authentic source.

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  • Manufacturer: ADVANSYNC
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