• Besti Led Headlamp Flashlights -200 Lumens,2.2oz Lightweight?5 Modes Bright White&Red Strobe Light,IPX-4 Water Resistant.Great for Runners Kids Camping Hiking (AAA Battery Incl)

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    Why waste your time and money fiddling with flashlights ? Why not keep an extra headlight at your garage or car as an emergency supplies
    Our headlamp offer hands free features and rubust enough to survive survive in the field for a week or two .

    5 Modes ! Dual Button For White and Red Light
    Contro ls are relatively easy to figure out and operate !
    White light:
    --High: 200LM with160 ft coverage provides bright and board view for hiking and night running in dark conditions avoiding pavement cracks and other obstacles.
    --Low : about 85LM for car repairing,household works or close work without irritation to eyes.
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  • Manufacturer: Cobiz
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