• 135-Piece Premium Cake Decorating Supplies Kit - Includes Cake Turntable Stand, 55 Numbered Icing Tips, 4 Piping Couplers, 1 Silicone Pastry Bag, 50 Disposable Pastry Bags & Many More Decorating Tools

  • Premium 135-Piece Cake Decorations Supplies Kit by KuchePro

    Our 135 Piece Cake Decoration tool Includes:

    ? 1 cake turntable with a non-slip silicone base that provides you with a round and a flat revolving surface that helps you easily decorate your cakes, pastries and bakery products.
    The non-slip silicone base prevents your spinning turntable from moving around on your counter to not ruin all your hard work.

    ? 55 unique cake icing tips to decorate with fun and beautiful designs. Each pipping tip is numbered and stored in a plastic organizer so you can easily identify which tip to use.

    ? 4 couplers so you can easily frost your cakes with multiple colors without having to remove the coupler and move to another pastry bag.

    ? 1 reusable silicone pastry bag that you can easily wash and use for all ...read more
  • Manufacturer: KuchePro
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