• Amazing Arrow Rocket Copters Led Light Helicopter Flying Toy, Mini Flying Dragonflies,propeller toy,Party Fun Gift Elastic- For Kids Boys And Girls Great Party Favors,Fun, Toy, Gift, Prize(30 PCS)


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    Rocket Helicopter and luminous bamboo dragonflies

    Packing: 30 PCS.include 10 pcs Slingshot LED Helicopters and 10 pcs A whistling LED slingshot copters and 10 pcs glowing bamboo dragonflies.each toy includes 2-3 AG3/LR41 batteries(Random Color)

    Usage and effect

    Rocket Helicopter: Slingshot LED Helicopters and A whistling LED slingshot copters There will be marked creases on their tails, fold out the appropriate angles and press the light button to launch them with a slingshot to the sky, when the helicopter Reaches maximum height its Blades open and it drops to earth again while spinning very fast.

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  • Manufacturer: KJ-KayJI
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