• BESTHING White Noise Sound Machine with 7 Nature Sounds, USB Output Charger, Adjustable Volume, Headphone Jack and Auto-off Timer (Black)

  • Who Needs This White Noise Machine?
    ♥ Insomniac: Insomnia affects people's quality of life during the day, not just their sleep at night. If you struggle with insomnia, the sleep soother may offer some relief and help you sleep better.
    ♥ Office Worker: Listening to nature sounds in your office allows you to eliminate distractions and focus on what you're doing, so you can get to work and get things done.
    ♥ Student: Using the white noise sound machine in your study area can help you focus, so you can concentrate on learning.
    ♥ Baby: Our sleep sound machine has soothing lullaby which will help lull your baby to sleep whether it's nap time or night time.
    ♥ Noisy Households: It's hard to get to sleep quickly if you're in a noisy environment. Some sounds can interfere with sleep, such as noises from the street, crying kids, noisy neighbors, or snoring spou...read more
  • Manufacturer: BESTHING
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