• Colt's Pet Supplies Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats [Two Pack] Full Spectrum Hemp Extract | All Natural Pain Relief for Dogs, Calming, Hip, and Joint Support | Stress and Anxiety Relief

  • Here at Colt’s Pet Supplies we know your pet is part of your family. We started Colt's Pet Supplies because we were struct with tradegy when our beloved German Shepherd was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunely we could not save his life and had to put him down.

    We were heartbroken and decided to start a company in his honor. A portion of every sale goes to AKC Health Canine Foundation to help scientist and vets find cures to terrible diseases in dogs/cats. 

    Our bundle of hemp bottle includes

      • Two 1 fluid ounce bottles.
      • 500 MG Each

    Why buy hemp oil?

    Many pets experience anxiety, stress, arthritis, and inflammation.

    Our hemp oil will help naturally reduce all of those symptoms!

    We use a proprietary extraction process to get the purest plant profile. Allow your dog to benefit greatly from our oil.

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