• aorace Fishing Lures Kit Mixed Including Minnow Popper Crank Baits with Hooks for Saltwater Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon Fishing

  • Aorace Fishing Lures Kit Mixed including Minnow Popper Crank Baits For Saltwater Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon Fishing

    Item-A 20pcs:
    Type1-Minnow Lures:6 pcs(A) 8cm/7.9g
    Type2-Popper Lures:4 pcs(B) 6.5cm/13g
    Type3-Crank Bait:5 pcs(C) 3.6cm/4g
    Type4-Soft Lures:5 pcs(D) 6cm/13.4g

    Item-B 20pcs:
    Type1-Minnow Lures:8pcs(A) 9cm/8g
    Type2-Popper Lures:4 pcs(B) 7cm/9g
    Type3-Crank Bait:8 pcs(C) 4.5cm/4g

    Item-C 30pcs:
    Type1-Crank Bait:9pcs(A) 9.5cm/11.2g
    Type2-Minnow Lures:6pcs(B) 8cm/7.9g
    Type3-Minnow Lures:8pcs(C) 5.8cm/4.1g
    Type4-Crank Bait:7pcs(D) 2.6cm/1.6g
  • Manufacturer: aorace
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