• 4 pack melamine sponge Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine Cleaner for Kitchen Office Bathroom Cleaning nano spoonge 10x8x2cm(random color)

  • Can A Sponge Really Stand Up To Months of Tough Scrubbing Without Falling Apart?
    These days almost every kitchen sponge claims to be highly durable, but few can actually back it up. You've probably been disappointed by foam sponges that simply fall apart in your hands when you try to tackle tough jobs.
    Multi Purpose Scrubbing Sponges are different. They are made from incredibly durable wood tough cellulose: a natural material that stands up to tough scrubbing better than any foam sponge ever could. They really do last for months.
    Make Cleaning Easier And Faster - Without Constantly Replacing Sponges
    On one side of the sponge, you'll find a soft, absorbent material that is perfect for cleaning non-stick pans, windows,walls, floors, counters etc.
    On the other side, you'll find an incredibly tough scouring pad. This makes cleaning tough dried-up food residue faster than ...read more
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