• Dan Smith Men's Fashion Pre-tied Cravat with Gift Box, Neck Size Adjustable 20" Fashion Ascot, Hanky Available

  • Brand Name: Dan Smith
    Material: Satin
    Size: Approximately, Ascot Tie: 30.5cm / 12" Long, 10cm / 4" width, neck size adjustable: 50cm/20". Package: with Free Gift Box
    Set Including: Pre-tied Ascot Tie

    An ascot denotes elegance, taste, class, refinement and civility. It takes a man to wear an ascot as it expresses his individuality and confidence in who he is. It takes a gentleman to be as subtle as possible in allowing it to speak for itself, but not by itself as it is in perfect unison with him and his demeanor. The ascot is a man's trump card only played every so often, but when it is played, it's played very well - making a statement that requires no echo.

    Worn by a man of genuine style and easy manner, the ascot, or neckerchief, still works its charm. Unlike a tie, which has come to be seen in customarily in only formal settings, an ascot can actually be...read more
  • Manufacturer: Dan Smith
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