• UV-Reactive (Black Light) Acrylic Neon Fluorescent Paint Set of 6 Colors (3-4oz ea) with Idea Guide for Spray Bottles, Stencils, Fabric, and Wood

  • We hope to inspire you and help facilitate you to think more creatively. Enter the locally sourced and ethically traded black light paint! This water-based UV reactive paint in a simple box is ready to meet your needs and spice up your next party, get together, or art project. Add a new dimension with a glow that the layperson doesn't see in their everyday life. Become the highlight of the party, make a room glow, or make your new favorite coffee mug. Do you know how to prepare acrylic paint for painting a T-shirt versus the wood on a piece of furniture? Who could blame you if you don't! We didn't either until we got some help from a professional local artist. We've created an idea guide that will help imagine and plan your next masterpiece like and artist. Whether you paint yourself, a canvas, or a different material, we can help you make your next glowing creation the highest quality p...read more
  • Manufacturer: Black Map Artistry
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