• GymPaws The OG Gym Glove Alternative - Slightly Padded Genuine Leather w 4 Finger Loop Sweat Proof Backing | Workout Smarter and Harder | Mens | Womens

  • Walk into your box or gym tomorrow with a pair of GymPaws and let everyone eat your dust! You'll be pumping out more reps, burning up the pull ups bar, and whipping around the battling rope like they were shoestrings! Why? Because if your hands don't fatigue as fast, that means you can get a better workout. Whether you're weight lifting or body weight lifting, it all starts with your hands! When was the last time you lifted a weight with the back of your hands? Never! So why do you need gloves that cover your whole hand?! Gym Paws ProGrips stay in place right where you need them - in the palm of your hands. The unique 4 Finger Loop design means that movement isn't inhibited. You don't even need to take them off! The Neoprene material wicks away sweat rather than absorbing it like most weight lifting gloves do. GymPaws will become your new best friend at the gym. Gymrats love them as , Li...read more
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